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Our services—or, all the ways we can help you.

It’s a big world of opportunities. Let us help you find your place in it. At ConnectPoint Search Group, you get a real person—your own experienced Connector—who is as passionate about pairing you with your dream job as you are about finding it. And your Connector works as part of the most experienced team in the area, bringing all that power and prowess to your search.

For full-time, part-time, and contract work, we specialize in:

  • Accounting and finance. The numbers speak for themselves: we’ve placed more people with these skills than any privately-owned firm in Sacramento, and we can find fulfilling positions at the entry, mid, senior, and executive levels. See some of the positions we’ve filled.
  • Information technology. Whether you’re an architect, developer, project manager, network guru, or CIO, ConnectPoint Search Group has got you covered. We bring over 30 years of experience to the table in this realm alone, bringing new meaning to the word “networked.” See some of the positions we’ve filled.
  • Other specialties of ours include human resources, marketing, administration, and more. Check out our current positions to see what we’re working on.

We work with employers in all industries within the Central Valley extending North to Redding, South to Modesto, East to Reno, and West to Fairfield. We can help you find full-time, part-time, and contract work.

We can even help you find work beyond Sacramento. As a member of the American Association of Accounting & Finance Recruiters (AAFA), with offices in 35+ Metropolitan areas and staffed by over 200 specialized Accounting & Finance professional recruiters, we offer every Accounting & Finance candidate a National Partner who brings local knowledge to their search. We’re also a Top 50 ranked office of MRINetwork™, with over 600 locations in 35 countries. Chances are we can connect you with the right position anywhere in the country.

Why candidates love us. We know how much that dream position means to you, and as experts in the field, we’re more than happy to bring all our talents to bear just to help you find it. When you connect with ConnectPoint Search Group, we will be your:

  • Personal promoter. We’ll be your agent, marketing you to the employers who have the opportunities you seek—and are seeking someone just like you.
  • Industry insider. We have hundreds of conversations with employers every week, so we know what’s happening in the market. We also know what they’re willing to pay, and can help you set your salary expectations properly.
  • Coach. Let us make sure you’re armed with the best resume, that you’re polished and prepared for that interview, and can even handle counter offers or a resignation with tact and grace. We do this every day; lean on us to help you succeed.
  • Best friend. Your Connector is also your confidant, someone you can ask the tough or nagging questions you might not want to ask a potential employer, saving you time and the risk of making a wrong decision later.

Find out why you should work with a professional recruiter, or search now for career opportunities.

Why work with ConnectPoint Search Group?

You’re a professional—not a professional job-seeker. Sure, you could plaster the Internet with your resume, but would you really want to do that? Could you trust where it ends up, and what those people do with your personal information? Do you really want your current employer to find out that you’re looking?

Turn to us instead. Aside from simply dialing down the stress and work of the entire process, consider some of the advantages we bring to you:

  • Get your resume walked to the front of the line. When you apply to a position directly, your resume often ends up in a pile (whether paper or virtual) that’s screened by someone other than the decision-maker. But when you work with ConnectPoint Search Group, our team of Connectors have the inside track—literally. They have existing relationships with decision-makers. So you move to the front, and everyone else stays back.
  • Confidentiality. Your ConnectPoint Search Group Connector will always tell you what he or she is doing with your resume, why, and where. Your information is always kept confidential; nothing is shared without your say-so. Try doing that by trolling the job boards or sharing your information with an inexperienced recruiter trying to make quota!
  • Efficiency. Do you really want to prepare for, and then sit through, an interview, only to realize at the end that that job isn’t for you? Of course not. Just as employers screen for candidates, we screen employers for candidates like you.

And just as you’re not a professional job seeker, employers are rarely expert interviewers or screeners. We help them, too. We guide them in deciding what to look for in a candidate, and how to be better interviewers. Which means that your entire job-search process is smoother and easier, with more solid results and less wasted time for all parties concerned.

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