By Traci Cetraro, President of ConnectPoint Search Group

How do we appeal to our top job candidate talent?

I have worked in the Sacramento marketplace for over 25 years. For a long time now, it has been a candidate-driven marketplace. With this pandemic and unemployment rising, one would think that job candidates would be plentiful here in our marketplace. But the opposite is true. We have seen new competitors for our talent enter the picture here in the Sacramento area. Companies from San Francisco to San Jose and beyond are looking to pull talent from our region. Many might say it is because the cost of living is lower, thus the salary they would offer is competitive for Sacramento. And I would agree. However, with remote workers, this new competition poses a new threat to companies based here.

As an owner of ConnectPoint Search Group, I continue to see an increase in demand for jobs in the fields of Accounting, Finance, and Technology. Competing with companies outside our region for talent may have the exact opposite effect of what these outside organizations are expecting in hiring a remote employee. The Bay Area demand for job applicants may drive salaries upward.

Ideas for all of us to compete and keep our job candidates local to Sacramento

Here are some suggestions for you to consider:
1. Use your marketing materials and social media to help promote your organization
2. Have a clear message about what your company is doing to keep their employees safe
3. Discuss communication within your organization
4. Highlight how employees are measured during these times
5. Have a plan to integrate your new hire into the culture of your organization
6. Promote the Sacramento area and culture

Be Proactive

No one knows what the future will look like for companies going back into an office and it really depends on the needs within your organization. Either way, I believe we need to be proactive. We will always present the right message about you, your team, and your organization to the candidates we bring you. Please let me know if you are seeing this trend as well.

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