Teams that play together stay together!

Why Team Building is Important

Dedicated team-building time helps to foster relationships, build trust, increase communication, encourage collaboration and teamwork, and boost team morale. Effective team building helps to increase employee engagement and cultivate a positive company culture, both of which boost employee retention.

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Types of Team Building

Team building can look like many different things, however, the activity itself is not as important as intentionally spending time together. Use the following ideas to start planning your summer team-building calendar!

Celebrate the Wins

Above all, celebrate every success – big and small! Your team is working hard together to achieve great things, therefore, it is imperative as a leader to be mindful to say, “thank you” and celebrate the wins. Celebrations can be something as simple as providing lunch or sweet treats for the team to share or something larger, such as a planned event. For instance, at CPSG, our team is rewarded with an annual all-expense-paid trip for two to exotic locations when we celebrate reaching our annual goals!


Attending events together is a wonderful way for your team to engage organically and spend quality time building their relationships. We are fortunate in the Sacramento region to have a robust list of options and, with things reopening now, it is a great time to start scheduling events for your team to attend together! For example, consider these fun summer team building events:

For a complete list of upcoming Sacramento region events, check out Visit Sacramento’s Event List and Sacramento Magazine’s Event List.


 Say “yes” to new adventures with one of these summer team building ideas: