The world is changing fast, and these top trends and characteristics for leaders will help the leaders of the future that are rising up now. According to the latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey from the Economic Policy Institute, the number of “quits” is holding steady above historical benchmarks as hiring outpaces quits in every major sector.

Meanwhile, workers are seeking roles that meet their new standards for work-life balance, mission-driven work, and equitable hiring practices. In this new normal, it’s up to leaders to create an environment where employees will not only want to come on board but also stick around for years to come. Here are the top leadership trends and characteristics of leaders that will help you do just that.

Employee Retention Techniques Every Leader Must Know

Employee retention directly impacts your bottom line; replacing an employee costs an average of one-half to twice the employee’s annual salary. To encourage employee retention, implement the following techniques:

  • Have a mission and purpose. Today’s employees want more than just a paycheck. They want to work for companies that align with their values.
  • Create an inclusive environment. Invest in diversity, equity, and inclusion training for everyone to ensure fair practices that permeate everything from the first interview to employee retention and engagement practices.
  • Provide clear career paths for advancement. Enrich the employee experience by investing in training programs that help employees improve their skills, challenge the status quo, and progress within your organization.
  • Keep employees engaged. Especially in our new remote and hybrid working world, leaders need to be intentional about interacting with employees and creating cohesion among teammates.

Importance of Retaining Diverse Leaders

In today’s business environment, leaders must be able to understand the needs of their team, their organization, and its customers. They must also have an understanding of the community they serve and how their actions impact that community. Having a diverse group of leaders will enable you to recognize these needs more quickly than if your leadership team consists of people with similar backgrounds and experiences.

Good Managers Recognize Good Work

​​Recognizing good work is a sign of respect and trust in your employees, who will feel more motivated to continue doing their best if they know their manager recognizes and appreciates their efforts. Employee recognition also demonstrates your commitment to the company. It shows that you care about what people do and how well they do it. In turn, this can increase loyalty among staff members, which makes them more likely to stay with the organization long-term.

Good managers are good communicators

Employee retention starts with open lines of communication with employees. Leaders need to listen to their employees, engage with them to set goals and benchmarks for success, understand their needs, and provide direction. Clear, regular communication allows employees to feel connected and valued as people first.

Good Managers Have “Soft” Skills

Soft skills that go beyond job-specific responsibilities are key characteristics for leaders in 2023. In her book The Job Is Easy, The People Are Not!, MIT Sloan international faculty fellow Loredana Padurean goes a step further to change the language around “soft” skills. According to Padurean, skills like adaptability, cognitive readiness, emotional maturity, and humility are anything but soft — rather, these are smart skills that any great leader needs to adopt.


The characteristics of leaders of the future are changing and will continue to evolve beyond 2023. Today’s leadership trends point to the need for unity among leaders and their teams.

With Sacramento’s unemployment rate hovering at 3.5%, hiring remains competitive. As you search for the right talent for your organization, partnering with a trusted recruiter like ConnectPoint Search Group can help you navigate the current market and prepare you for the future.

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