How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Each job candidate already has an excellent first impression of your company that led them to apply. You’ll want to foster that positive view during the hiring process as much as possible, so every job candidate leaves their interview feeling good about the experience. 

1. Use Information Technology and Virtual Tools

Posting jobs and allowing job candidates to apply online can streamline the recruitment process, whether you’re hiring someone for finance, human resources, accounting, management, or other positions.

More job seekers look online to find positions today than ever before. By taking advantage of the technology, you’ll be able to hire from a wider pool of qualified candidates. 

2. Communicate Clearly

Offer a timeline when the job candidate needs to wait on you for the next step. For instance, after the first interview, rather than let them wait indefinitely to hear from you, let them know you’ll contact them in a specific number of days or weeks to follow up. 

Regular communication will make the candidate’s career search less stressful and help entice the top talent to keep applying until they land a position. 

3. Demonstrate Active Listening

Avoid one-word replies or only nodding your head in response to things the job candidate says during the interview. Use active listening techniques like repeating critical points of what candidates say back to them to ensure they feel heard. 

4. Avoid “Gotcha” Questions

You’ll want new hires to have a good sense of brand awareness and knowledge about your company, but avoid trying to pin them down with trick questions. 

Instead of quizzing them on their knowledge, start a discussion about your brand and let them demonstrate their knowledge conversationally. 


If you respect each job candidate’s time, they’ll know that you operate with that same level of respect in the workplace and be more likely to continue applying for appropriate positions. 

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How to Creative a Positive Candidate Experience