As the year draws to a close, you may be thinking about your professional life and contemplating the prospect of change. If you are not completely happy in your current role, you might be wondering: Is December a good month to embark on the journey to a new position? Experts resoundingly say yes, and here’s why.

The Current Job Market: In Sacramento, where the unemployment rate hovers around 4.5%, down from 4.7% just last month, the job market is more competitive than ever. This decrease in unemployment underscores the demand for talented individuals, creating an environment ripe for job seekers. Advantages of December Job Hunting: Contrary to the belief that December is a slow month for hiring, it can be an opportune time to make a career move. Several factors contribute to this, making the holiday season a strategic window for job seekers:

  1. Budget Allocations: December marks the end of the fiscal year for many companies. During this time, businesses may have surplus budget allocations that they need to utilize, leading to increased hiring activity.
  2. Less Competition: Many job seekers postpone their search until the New Year, assuming that companies are winding down. This misconception results in decreased competition, giving you a better chance of standing out among applicants.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Holiday parties and gatherings provide unique opportunities for networking. Attend industry events, connect with professionals in your field, and leverage these festive occasions to explore potential job leads.
  4. Employer Urgency: Companies with immediate hiring needs may feel the pressure to fill positions before the year concludes. Being proactive in your job search during December can align you with these urgent requirements.

December isn’t just a month for festivities and reflection; it’s also an excellent time to take control of your career. With a competitive job market and unique advantages associated with the holiday season, now might be the perfect moment to turn the page and start a new chapter in your professional life. As you contemplate your path, remember that the end of the year is not only a time for resolutions but also for actions that can make for a fulfilling and prosperous future.

Our talent advisors at ConnectPoint Search Group are tenured individuals who are entrenched in the Sacramento region. We have successfully guided numerous individuals in discovering new opportunities when the timing was right. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to meet your career goals in 2024.

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Is December the Perfect Time to Jumpstart Your Career Change?