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For many, this past year has offered an opportunity to reflect and gain clarity on where you want to take your career. Is it time to make a move? If so, we are here to encourage you to utilize your resources! Partnering with a recruiter in your career search is proven to leverage the success of your search and the overall satisfaction with which offer you accept.


Why Partnering with a Recruiter in Your Career Search is Important

Here are a few reasons to top the list of why partnering with a recruiter in your career search is valuable:

  • Recruiters are your inside connection to the hiring managers and HR teams at the companies that you want to work for.
  • Partnering with a recruiter in your career search will offer key insight into the market.
  • Improvement of your self-branding through critical resume and job-search advice and coaching.
  • Recruiters help to negotiate compensation packages.


Tips for Partnering with a Recruiter in Your Career Search

It is likely that you have either worked with or have been approached by a recruiter (or several) throughout your career, but how does one go about selecting the right recruiter to partner with? Not all recruiters are equally qualified and, just like any other relationship, you must find the right fit. Review the following tips for successfully partnering with a recruiter in your career search:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Be prepared, be visible. LinkedIn is the best tool for a job search, whether passive or active. When you ensure that you can be found, it is more likely that recruiters will come to you with great opportunities!

  • Your LinkedIn should duplicate your resume information.
  • Include a stellar summary that includes resume keywords.
  • Add links to your web presence (professional only, do not include personal social media).
  • Provide your contact information and ensure that all sections of your profile are complete and up to date.

Keep Your Resume Updated

You never know when a great opportunity will come along, therefore, it is recommended to always keep your resume up to date.

Interview Recruiters to Find Your Best Match

Not all recruiters are equally qualified or well-fit to partner with you in your career search. Therefore, we recommend interviewing recruiters to qualify the following:

  • Industry and market knowledge: do they specialize in your field, industry, and the geographic location that you are searching in?
  • Are the recruiter and the firm that the recruiter represents well-respected in the community?
  • Did the recruiter get to know you and learn your skills, experience, and goals?
  • Do you feel comfortable connecting with the recruiter?
  • Do you believe that the recruiter has your best interest in mind?
  • Inquire about the recruiter’s placement history and ask for references.

Are you interested in seeing some of our references? If so, we welcome you to check them out here!

Engage with Recruiters as You Would A Hiring Manager

  • Be professional, be positive, be personable. Treat all communication – calls, emails, InMail, texts, face-to-face meetings – like an interview with a hiring manager; the way that you communicate with a recruiter is indicative of how you will present yourself to a hiring manager in an interview.
  • Maintain composure. For example, if you are presented for and/or interview for a position that you are interested in and are not selected, maintain a professional and positive composure.

Clearly Communicate Your Experience, Skills, Goals, and Deal Breakers

Be open, be honest. Never exaggerate or embellish your experience or skills and always be clear about what your goals are and what will make or break an opportunity for you. When a recruiter accurately understands who you are, how you are qualified, and what you are looking for, they are better enabled to match you with the best-fit position.

Maintain an Open Line of Communication

  • Be responsive and stay connected.
  • Be responsive and promptly return all calls and reply to all emails/texts (also, do not forget spellchecking).
  • Never, ever ghost – it is unprofessional and can burns bridges.
  • Keep in touch! Timing is everything; establish a relationship with your recruiter and they will keep you in mind when your dream opportunity comes up.
  • Stay connected, even after landing a job. When it is time to consider new opportunities, you will already have a solid relationship established with your recruiter. We can also be a valuable resource to you when you need to hire for your own team.

Know Your Goals and Follow-Through with Commitments

  • Be decisive and know what you want and what will not work for you in these areas: career goals, niche, industry, company culture, dream position, dream company, location, compensation package.
  • Do not accept an invitation to interview if you are not truly interested.

Track Your Submissions

If you are talking to other recruiters or applying for opportunities on your own, be honest about it. Track your submissions and keep notes of where you apply and how so that you can easily recall your application history when presented with a new opportunity. We cannot present you with an opportunity if you apply on your own or have been presented by another recruiter.

Ask for Constructive Criticism to Improve Your Self-Branding

Recruiters are experts on professional presentation; therefore, it will behoove you to request a professional review. Improve your self-branding by asking for feedback about your resume, LinkedIn profile, and your personal presentation – heed the recommendations given.

Trust Your Recruiter and Follow Their Directives

Recruiters are your inside connection to companies; they have established relationships and the knowledge that you will need to determine if the position that you are considering is right for you. When you are partnering with a recruiter in your career search, it is important to entrust your recruiter to do their job and follow the guidelines and directions they give.


Partnering with a Recruiter at ConnectPoint Search Group

We realize that you have many options when it comes to selecting a recruiter to partner with within your career search. At ConnectPoint Search Group, we are relationship-focused, locally rooted, and solution-driven, and our unique method of matching company, candidate, and position details ensures successful solutions. Above all, we are committed to excellence and are devoted to making the best connection, every time. Our team is built on a foundation of integrity, diligence, and genuine care, and the ConnectPoint Search Group recruiters are connectors at heart. When it is time to engage in your next career search, we hope to be your first call.

If you have any questions or are ready to start your search, you can review our current job openings and contact us here.

We look forward to connecting with you!