Will Writing Remain an Important Skill in the Future?

As machine learning technologies grow ever more sophisticated, the employment landscape is evolving. Jobs involving manual and repetitive tasks such as warehouse operations, customer support, and data processing are threatened by the rise of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, roles requiring complex thought and emotional intelligence are on the rise, which requires writing as an important skill.

Digital communications will become especially important in an increasingly online world, meaning many hiring managers specify strong writing skills as a top job requirement. This brief article will explore why strong writing skills will help future-proof jobseekers’ resumes.

Why are writing skills so Important?

Writing is about much more than stringing words together. Here are a few reasons why businesses need talented writers:

1. Coherent writing helps people understand each other

Communicating complex ideas to clients, partners, colleagues, and other stakeholders represents a vital skill in any business. Without it, your organization could experience operational delays, lose customers, and miss out on groundbreaking ideas. After all, how would you put together advertising copy, board meeting notes, client pitches, or even friendly emails without the humble word? The better you can write elegant, audience-appropriate prose, the further you’ll get in your career.

2. Writing helps people think

Setting ideas down on a page represents one of the best ways to think through new concepts or plans. Why? Writing forces you to structure your ideas and fill in any gaps you may not have considered. By refining your writing over multiple drafts, you’ll breathe life into your concept and make it convincing to others – a vital skill as markets become increasingly saturated and competitive.

3. Compelling writing instills confidence in a brand

If an organization’s prose is brimming with grammatical errors and dull phrases, customers and stakeholders may lose faith in its leaders. A business that releases consistently engaging press releases, articles, and media statements, on the other hand, is likely to instill confidence in its audience.

It’s time we all honed our writing skills…

Clearly, writing will remain one of the most sought-after job skills for the foreseeable future. While writing may seem tricky (and even a little frustrating), consistent practice will improve your grammatical knowledge and hone your critical thinking skills. Seek feedback from others whose writing you admire, and remember to redraft your pieces multiple times. Practice makes perfect, after all!

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