With Birth Rates Declining Over the Past 50 Years, Fewer Skilled Workers are Entering the Workplace

The world is changing rapidly, and, according to the World Economic Forum, fertility rates around the world have fallen dramatically in the last 50 years. Consider that, in 1952, most families had an average of five children. Today, that figure has dropped to just three, and there seems to be many more without any children. Now that the smaller Gen Z  pool is entering the workplace, it’s clear that there are going to be fewer skilled workers. Declining workplace candidates are a key concern as a result.

The Workforce is Changing

The workforce is changing in other ways as well. For example, Baby Boomers are getting closer to retirement, and as one of the largest components of highly skilled workers in the U.S. The concern is that it will impact a lot of positions across most industries, including, finance, IT, and HR Management. The current workforce struggled to make it through COVID-19, whereas prior to the onset of the pandemic, the workforce was strong and healthy. Consider that you’ll have a lot more positions to fill in the coming year, and Gen Z is likely to be your target employee to hire.

Keep an Eye on Gen Z as Baby Boomers Retire

As the next generation moves on, it will be difficult to bring in new talent with a smaller pool of skilled workers available. As a business owner, hiring manager, or manager, it will be critical to find new ways to reach employees.

That means new methods for recruiting and gaining attention for prospective, high-value employees. The need for skilled and in-touch recruiting companies is critical. Without the ability to find these top talented professionals with ease, it can be hard for any company to continue to grow and thrive.

Talent is Out There

Talent is out there, but harder to find. With the help of executive recruiters, it becomes easier to put your best foot forward. Recruiters help provide your business with the very best opportunity to reach the very best talent in the workplace.

Your business should see the value of working with executive recruiters no matter the industry. It is especially true if Baby Boomers are your skilled talent or you’re having trouble sourcing qualified professionals. Seek out the help of executive recruiters for insight and support.

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