6 05, 2024

How to Answer “Why Work Here?”


How to answer "Why Work Here?": Balancing Priorities in Business, Finance, and IT In job interviews, the question "Why work here?" is very significant and often asked. The answer shows the candidate's mindset and their priorities and long-term commitment. This is a common but often challenging question and is increasingly important in modern workplaces. In [...]

How to Answer “Why Work Here?”2024-05-06T15:58:56-07:00
20 05, 2021

Job Interview Follow-up “Thank You” Notes


JOB INTERVIEW FOLLOW-UP “THANK YOU” NOTES   One of the most important parts of interviewing is following up with a “Thank You” note. A thoughtfully expressed “thank you” affirms your interest in the position and company, helps to keep your candidacy top of mind as final hiring decisions are made, and demonstrates proactive communication skills. [...]

Job Interview Follow-up “Thank You” Notes2021-05-24T09:15:28-07:00
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