6 05, 2024

How to Answer “Why Work Here?”


How to answer "Why Work Here?": Balancing Priorities in Business, Finance, and IT In job interviews, the question "Why work here?" is very significant and often asked. The answer shows the candidate's mindset and their priorities and long-term commitment. This is a common but often challenging question and is increasingly important in modern workplaces. In [...]

How to Answer “Why Work Here?”2024-05-06T15:58:56-07:00
24 10, 2021

Tips for Getting Hired in a Competitive Job Market


Tips for Getting Hired in a Competitive Job Market Even though the news states that there are plenty of available jobs, many of the coveted professional positions are still highly competitive. In a competitive job market, more candidates are waiting to fill these roles than there are positions available. Tips for Getting Hired Experience and [...]

Tips for Getting Hired in a Competitive Job Market2022-01-06T18:33:31-08:00
4 06, 2021

The Benefits of Skills Assessments for Tech Professionals


THE BENEFITS OF SKILLS ASSESSMENTS FOR TECH PROFESSIONALS   With AI leading the way in technology hiring, many companies are incorporating skills assessments into their interview processes to identify the talented tech professionals they need. For job seekers, these skills assessments can feel rather daunting and somewhat impersonal; however, the rewards of enduring them outweigh [...]

The Benefits of Skills Assessments for Tech Professionals2021-06-04T15:53:17-07:00
29 04, 2021

Tech Hiring Trends of 2021


TECH HIRING TRENDS OF 2021 By ConnectPoint Search Group   Amid an uncertain business climate, there were numerous predictions made last year for what tech hiring might look like in 2021. Now, as Q1 is behind us and we move through Q2, the tech hiring trends of 2021 are clearly taking shape and many of [...]

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2 04, 2021

Habits of Successful Technology Leaders


HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL TECHNOLOGY LEADERS ConnectPoint Search Group   With the ever-evolving business climate, the past year has challenged technology leaders in countless ways – including how to successfully lead their teams. To remain competitive, a technology leader must not only excel within their role individually but must also focus on building a robust team [...]

Habits of Successful Technology Leaders2021-05-03T11:25:23-07:00
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