22 03, 2022

How to Improve Employee Experience


How to Improve Employee Experience As employees are starting to get back to work after the harshest effects of the pandemic, companies have to reexamine their employee experience strategies. A successful return requires companies to refine the employee experience as it stands by addressing a more comprehensive range of needs. By adopting an excellent strategy, any organization [...]

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4 03, 2022

Attracting and Retaining Talent


Attracting and Retaining Talent Attracting and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges companies face today.  We hear so much about The Great Resignation in the news, yet how many of us think about its impact on our own organizations? As recruiters, we see a very challenging market for companies to attract talented candidates. [...]

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21 06, 2021

Summer Team Building


TEAM BUILDING Teams that play together stay together! Why Team Building is Important Dedicated team-building time helps to foster relationships, build trust, increase communication, encourage collaboration and teamwork, and boost team morale. Effective team building helps to increase employee engagement and cultivate a positive company culture, both of which boost employee retention. For more on [...]

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11 06, 2021

Paying Attention to Retention


PAYING ATTENTION TO RETENTION   With the ongoing progression of the state’s reopening, headlines are shifting; no longer focused on what we have been through, now emphasizing what is to come. Though it is impossible to predict the future, it certainly seems reasonable that the forecast could be correct: a mass employee exodus is coming. [...]

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7 05, 2021

Hire for and Convey Remote Company Culture


HOW TO HIRE FOR AND CONVEY REMOTE COMPANY CULTURE By ConnectPoint Search Group   Company culture matters, even (especially) in a remote workplace. Therefore, when hiring remote employees, finding a candidate that synergizes well with your current team is imperative. The following tips will guide your candidate search and provide helpful insight on how to [...]

Hire for and Convey Remote Company Culture2021-05-07T07:48:24-07:00
29 04, 2021

Tech Hiring Trends of 2021


TECH HIRING TRENDS OF 2021 By ConnectPoint Search Group   Amid an uncertain business climate, there were numerous predictions made last year for what tech hiring might look like in 2021. Now, as Q1 is behind us and we move through Q2, the tech hiring trends of 2021 are clearly taking shape and many of [...]

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9 04, 2021

Company Culture in a Remote Workplace


HOW TO CULTIVATE CULTURE IN A REMOTE WORKPLACE ConnectPoint Search Group   When the pandemic hit, most companies did not expect that our “14 days to flatten the curve” would extend through the coming year or be accompanied by lasting changes to how and where business is conducted. Now, over a year later, it has [...]

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2 04, 2021

Habits of Successful Technology Leaders


HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL TECHNOLOGY LEADERS ConnectPoint Search Group   With the ever-evolving business climate, the past year has challenged technology leaders in countless ways – including how to successfully lead their teams. To remain competitive, a technology leader must not only excel within their role individually but must also focus on building a robust team [...]

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11 03, 2021

5 Tips for Speeding Up Your Hiring Process


5 Tips for Speeding Up Your Hiring Process By Traci Cetraro, President of ConnectPoint Search Group Speed to Market Is Key When Hiring Accounting/Finance Executives Strong financial leadership has always been a critical factor for the success of companies and 2020 was certainly no exception. With the onslaught of changes required to navigate the chaos [...]

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3 11, 2020

How to Appeal to Job Candidates in Sacramento


HOW TO APPEAL TO JOB CANDIDATES IN SACRAMENTO By Traci Cetraro, President of ConnectPoint Search Group How do we appeal to our top job candidate talent? I have worked in the Sacramento marketplace for over 25 years. For a long time now, it has been a candidate-driven marketplace. With this pandemic and unemployment rising, one [...]

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